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Every so often, one of his paramours would catch on and alert the others.Then he’d block them all on social media and begin the whole thing again. But it’s the most powerful truth you can embrace in your search for the man you’re going to marry, have kids with, and live the greatest adventure of your life alongside of (it also turns out to be the sexiest answer there is to that question, but that’s the subject of another article). And what does it have to do with the revolving door of dating, breakups, let-downs, could’ve been’s and broken hearts that is my single life?Well, the marriage covenant is the goal; it’s what you’re aiming for., a young woman in San Francisco, met a man—call him John—on the dating site OKCupid. More notably, he indulged in the kind of profligate displays of affection which signal a definite eagerness to commit.He sneaked Suzanne’s favorite snacks into her purse as a workday surprise and insisted early on that she keep a key to his apartment. V.—an act roughly equivalent, in today’s gallantry currency, to Perseus rescuing Andromeda from the sea monster.It’s a balmy night in Manhattan’s financial district, and at a sports bar called Stout, everyone is Tindering.

When I say covenant, I mean just that: a bond that you make before family and friends, that you both commit to for the rest of your lives and guides and protects you through the incredible journey that lies ahead.

Sixth-graders claim to be dating when, after extensive negotiations conducted by third parties, two of them go out for ice cream.

Many college students and 20‑somethings don’t start dating until after they’ve had sex.

I know it sounds a little counter-culture because isn’t marriage an outdated and dusty institution from the dark ages meant to trap you and stifle your freedom?

Well, after over 17 years of marriage and 5 kids later (not to mention thousands of years of the marriage covenant being the very building block of society all over the world) I can confidently tell you it isn’t dead. Also on this list you’ll find Compatible Visions For Life and Romantic/Sexual Attraction (which one might argue could be on the medium checkbox list, but let’s skip that controversy and put it here).

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